AC/DC Charger/Adapter

CT5712A Datasheet

The CT5712A is a synchronous rectifier for Flyback converters. It integrates a 40V power MOSFET, that can replace Schottky diode for high efficiency. It can power directly from Vout, the VDD Cap. is optional to save system cost.

The CT5712A have multi-protection functions which largely enhance the safety and reliability of the system.

The CT5712A is available in SOP-8 package.


  • Integrated 13mΩ 40V Trench MOSFET
  • Supports DCM and Quasi-Resonant Flyback
  • Precise Synchronous Rectifier VDS detection
  • MOSFET Fast Shutdown Ability within 20nS
  • Supports Low-side Rectification
  • VDD UVLO Protection