AC/DC Charger/Adapter

CT5202S8 Datasheet

TThe CT5202S8 is a low-cost, constant-current, constant-voltage primary feedback controller. It integrates high-voltage start-up devices and uses patented self-powered technology, which makes the system without startup resistor, power supply winding and power supply diode, greatly reducing production costs. It is suitable for various low power AC/DC chargers and adapters.

In CC control, the current and output power setting can be adjusted externally by the sense resistor Rcs at CS pin. In CV control, multi-mode operations are utilized to achieve high performance and high efficiency. Device operates in (Pulse Frequency Modulation) PFM in CC mode as well at large load condition and it operates in the hybrid of AM (Amplitude Modulation) mode and (Frequency Modulation) FM mode at light/medium load. The chip can achieve audio noise free operation and optimized dynamic response. CT5202S8 has built-in output cable compensation, and the compensation ratio can be adjusted by modifying the resistance value of the feedback resistance to meet the requirements of various output cables.

Furthermore, The CT5202S8 features fruitful protections like Open Circuit Protection, Output Short Circuit Protection and Over Temperature Protection to eliminate the external protection circuits and provide reliable operations.

The CT5202S8 is available in SOP-8 package


  • Built-in HV Start-up and IC Power Supply Circuit, Power Supply Winding and Power Supply Diode is Free
  • Built-in 850V High Voltage BJT, RCD Snubber could be remove for 5V/1A application
  • Quasi-Resonant Primary Side Regulation (QR-PSR) Control with High Efficiency
  • Multi-Mode PSR Control
  • Fast Dynamic Response
  • Built-in Dynamic Base Drive
  • Audio Noise Free Operation
  • ±5% CC and CV Regulation
  • Programmable Cable Drop Compensation (CDC) in CV Mode
  • Built-in AC Line & Load CC Compensation
  • SOP-8 package better for thermal performance
  • Build in Protections
    • Short Load Protection (SLP)
    • Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting (OCP)
    • Leading Edge Blanking (LEB)
    • On-Chip Thermal Shutdown (OTP)
    • VDD OVP & UVP & Clamp